Motivation for the "Premio"

In 2002 the ABAC, analyzing the cultural activities carried out since 1984, such as the Rassegna Giovani Musicisti, Corso di perfezionamento strumentale e lirico, felt it necessary to give life to a new experience: the realization of a Piano Competition devoted to Franz Liszt" as a sign of everlasting gratitude "for his choice, in the summer of 1868, of this charming place, Grottammare".
The motivation for the Premio is mainly that identifying the young talents in possession of a marked gift for music, because we think it important to create a circuit of clever youths capable of spreading the necessary values for the full growth of the expressive competence of each individual, in which a relevant part is singled out in the formation of young musicians for a true turnover of the artistic generation.
The Association also promotes the image of our territory offering a suitable frame for artistic activities and the appreciation of the historical architectural and landscape patrimony. The AMAD also feels it important to carry out, in the Countries where there are already commercial relations with the Marche Region, artistic programs which help promote musical culture through its Great Interpreters, Composers, Performers and make its artistic world known everywhere.
Another aim is also that of highlighting the historical and cultural importance that the Adriatic sea had in the past and still has.


The aims of the “Premio” must be addressed also to the working world.
Competitions would be only sterile and formal performances if they lacked the purpose of :
  • favouring the professional training of the young artists towards artistic – cultural activities
  • promoting working activities for the winners, realizing and diffusing live recording Cds with the auditions of the competitors who reached the final Round and the concert of the winners promoting the meeting of artists from different Countries and their exchange of experiences promoting artistic-musical activities among Community and non Community states.

Graziella Castelletti