In the summer of 1868 Franz Liszt spent six weeks in Grottammare defining his stay ... "one of the best and sweetest memories of my life"
Great was the suggestion that made this place a source of great peace and serenity as to inform immediately his Carolyne:

"The blue sea, the pleasant greening hills,the sweetness of the climate,
the scent of the flowers and oranges make a poem equal to the
celestial harmony of the sounds.
My six weeks in Grotta-Mare will remain one of the best
and sweetest memories of my life"

A passionate tribute to the increasing debt that the lovers of music and virtuoso liszt feel they have against those who, like Liszt, he gave so much to it.

We seize in nell'ABAC Graziella Castelletti and now intend to celebrate the memory of the relationship between Liszt and Grottammare a strong emotion, for an event of international importance. (Massimo Rossi,  Mayor - summer 2002)

The ABAC as a sign of everlasting remembrance and gratitude dedicates to the Genius of Music the International Piano Competition "Premio Franz Liszt" whose purpose is research and the development of young talents of pianism, with special skills and sensitivity to music of Liszt, for young people in times when prevailing deafness and stigma toward those who does not produce material wealth and to false models, that every day is being offered, may well find stimulus and encouragement to continue the hard work that the study of music requires.
(Graziella Castelletti, President - summer 2002)